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Snatcher arrested by Silvassa Police

Shri. S.B. Khuswaha r/o. Silvassa made a call that while he was coming out from vegetable market, Silvassa at around 21:30 hrs on 23.10.2015, a biker and a pillion rider came in dull speed and snatched his bag which contained Rs. 60,000/-. The bikers ran away towards Bhasta Road, Silvassa. PCR vans tried to chase them but all in vain. However, police team worked on the said case and developed information that two boys were seen as a bike number GJ.15.BF.0065. The hard work of Silvassa Police team paid off, two accused persons identifed and arrested them on 23.10.2015 itself, Rs. 48,000/- have recovered out of total amount.